Aspiring for new

heights globally.

Aspiring for new heights globally

Providing customers around the world with access to inventory to meet their residential and commercial needs. 


We aspire to support and inform our customers making their buying, selling and rental experience effortless.

At ECOCAN, it’s our hope to leave you feeling satisfied by an effortless customer experience and thrilled with a unique space that’s exactly as you imagined it. We are committed to help bring your imagination of unique space to a reality.


Start Building Your Future

ECOCAN is a leader in supplying containers for home and business applications.

Providing direct access to worldwide inventory makes Ecocan the ideal solution.

Sustainability is integral to our business and overall strategy of building a global company.  Interested in investment opportunities with ECOCAN? Contact us.

Start Building Your Future

At Ecocan, we help to find the right solution for you.

ECOCAN is your only choice for storage products and solutions to meet your commercial and residential needs. We educate our clients empowering them to make informed choices to obtain storage, modify containers and purchase supplies. 

Buy Containers

Owning your own containers increases profits and productivity while protecting your goods.

Sell Containers

Looking to sell a unit? Steel containers retain most if not all their value making resale possible.


Hassle-free renting provides you with an economical solution to your temporary and permanent storage needs

Rent Containers

Our rental rates vary by location, and also differ for residential and commercial customers. See our inventory and contact us today!

About Us

We strive to make your buying decision easy and quick.

Make ECOCAN your first choice for storage and space challenges.  Stay up to date on the latest news in the container industry and tips on do-it-yourself modifications. 

Its all about turning great ideas into your projects

Learn what you can do with a Shipping Container, the applications are endless.

We can help innovators build their dreams.

Applications of steel containers are endless. Start building your future, contact us about our purchase, rental and investment program.

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We’re available for questions, quotes, sales and collaborations, and we’re excited to hear from you about new projects.